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Product Information Downloads

Introduction to Washington Homeopathic Products & Homeopathy Help your staff and customers learn more about homeopathy, Washington Homeopathic Products and its products with this engaging guide packed with photos and intriguing information on our company and product lines!

Product Information Packets for Merchants.  Learn about all of our products including price lists, discount requirements, dimensions, terms and conditions and more.

You can either download the page you need or contact us to send you a printed packet with all sell sheets and brochures.

Our sell sheets describe products and include dimensions and scanable barcodes.

Single Remedy Display Sell Sheet

Single Homeopathic Remedies Sell Sheet

Single Remedy Children's Display Sell Sheet

Combination Remedies WHP Blister Packs Sell Sheet

Homeopathic Kits Sell Sheet

Additional Products Sell Sheet

Hints & Tips

WHP Be gone Brand Sell Sheet

WHP Be gone Poison Ivy Line Sell Sheet

WHP Be gone Ointments Sell Sheet

WHP Be gone Combination Remedies Sell Sheet 1

WHP Be gone Combination Remedies Sell Sheet 2

WHP Be gone Displays Sell Sheet


Our brochures are also included with display purchases, to be given to your customer.

New Ointment Line

Children's Product Line

WHP Product Brochure

WHP Be gone Common Ailments

WHP Be gone Ointments

WHP Be gone Poison Ivy


Other information sheets included in our packet.

Homeopathic FAQs - Answers to common questions about homeopathy

Registration Form

Terms & Conditions

Price List: Practitioner, Retailer, Multi Store, Distributor, Virtual Storefront

Influenzinum flyer



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