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  • Complete Homeopathy Handbook

    Complete Homeopathy Handbook

    Miranda Castro, 256 pages. A remedy kit companion book. The Complete Homeopathy Handbook is the definitive guide for using homeopathic remedies at home. It includes A to Z listings for external and internal remedies, with explanations for correctly...

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  • Family Guide to Homeopathy

    Family Guide to Homeopathy

    Andrew Lockie, M.D., 463 pages. A remedy kit companion book. This family reference guide provides all the information necessary to understand how homeopathy works, and how any individual can use it simply and safely to treat a wide variety of illnesses...

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  • Homeopathic Medicine at Home

    Homeopathic Medicine at Home

    M. Panos, M.D., J. Heimlich, 287 pages. Natural remedies for everyday ailments and minor injuries. A general introduction, and a manual of homeopathy. Illustrated by examples from Dr. Panos' practice and clear enough for a novice to follow. 

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  • Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants

    Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants

    Provides everything parents need to know about treating their children’s ailments at home with homeopathic medicines. Dana Ullman, 255 pgs. In this comprehensive book, one of the nation’s leading homeopathic educators provides everything...

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  • Rhymes for Remedies

    Rhymes for Remedies

    Jackie Griffin Synnott. 71 pages. A book to help reference and remember basic homeopathic children’s remedies. Illustrated by Paul Delaney.

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