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We would like to introduce you to our most recently added products.   Plus - learn about our new line of children's remedies described by Dr. Lisa Samet in this wonderful article!

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  • Be gone™ Hangover 1oz
    Be gone™ Hangover 1oz $9.99 Add To Cart
    Be gone™ Hangover relieves the symptoms of conditions caused by over indulgence of food and/or drink.  Homeopathic Ingredients: Carbo veg 6c –effects of alcohol Coffea cruda 6c –headache Ipecac...
  • Be gone™ Stings 1oz
    Be gone™ Stings 1oz $9.99 Add To Cart
    Be gone™ Stings temporarily relieves pain and other symptoms associated with insect bites and stings, including mosquito, ant, bee, and wasp.  Homeopathic Ingredients: Apis mel 30c –stinging...
  • Be gone™ Stress 1oz
    Be gone™ Stress 1oz $9.99 Add To Cart
    Be gone™ Stress gently eases the fear and worry that is often brought on by stress. Made with 5 flower essences.  Homeopathic Ingredients: Helianthemum num, flos 5x (Rock Rose) –acute...