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Natrum Muriaticum Pills

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4 dram vial size. 900 count of 2.5mm pellets.

Also available as a Kit Refill.

Indicated for Sneezing, Colds, Exhaustion, Hay fever, Hives. Natrum muriaticum is a homeopathic remedy used for sadness, headaches, constipation, colds, hay fever and more. Indications for its use include: weakness and weariness, sadness - consolation aggravates, strong aversion to the heat of the sun, great dryness of the mucus membranes, and patient can be worse from 10-11:00am. Often a great craving for salt. The remedy Natrum muriaticum is a mineral remedy. Active ingredient: Natrum muriaticum [HPUS]. Inactive ingredients: Sucrose/lactose pellets.