Homeopathy for Students Going Back to School

Homeopathy for Students Going Back to School

Posted by Dr. Lisa Samet N.D. on Sep 9th 2020

This fall’s back to school will be different than every other. Regardless of the grade, a mix of online or in-person classes, it seems that almost everyone is stressed. From teachers to kindergarteners, worry is the word of the day.

In the space of a single day, I can speak to someone who says they think COVID is a hoax, and then be talking to someone else a few moments later who is terrified of catching it and dying. It is fascinating to see the range of responses that this virus has elicited. Even if we are not worried about the virus itself, the stress around uncertainty gets to many of us. Things are not how we’ve always known them to be, and we don’t know what’s going to happen next (I find it interesting that we actually never DID know what was going to happen next, we only THOUGHT we did…)

Most importantly, though, how is it all affecting our kids? Kids often pick up on the stress and atmosphere in the home. When the parents are stressed, kids feel it, even if nothing is said directly.

Remedies to consider for back to school stress, (parents included!):

Gelsemium: for worry from anticipating an upcoming event, i.e., the start of school, a piano recital, a presentation in front of a group.

Arsenicum: for those who are generally fretful, worried (especially about health matters), and overly concerned with details.

Lycopodium: for those who are worried before an upcoming event, often more bossy and controlling types who tend toward anger easily.

Kali-phos: exhaustion and weariness from too many months of worrying and stress.

Pulsatilla: for kids who are super-clingy and don’t want to leave their moms (after all these months of being together!)

Ignatia: sadness and anger from separation and loss, i.e., not being in the same class as your best friend, not being able to do things the way we have always done them. Sadness at the way things are.

We are all hoping and praying that back to school does not open up an uncontainable second wave and we can continue to push forward through this virus.

And, I continue my recommendations of other good health measures: get enough sleep, eat lots of fruits and veggies, get fresh air and exercise, manage your stress! All things that are good for health are good to practice during these times. Good health is built over time and tended like a much-loved garden. Start now, it’s never too late!

Hope “Back to School” goes well for each of you…

About Dr. Lisa Samet:

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