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Women's Health

Did you know that women make up around 75% of our customer base?! If you have concerns related to female health issues, there is likely a remedy out there for you.

Although it may take self-study with a homeopathic reference book or a consultation with a homeopath, once you find what you are looking for Washington Homeopathic Products is the place to find all your homeopathic remedies. You can also access our Symptom and Remedy Research which will provide you with detailed information on hundreds of remedies from a variety of homeopathic reference books.

You may find common questions and answers about homeopathy in the Frequently Asked Questions  page and general information here in The Learning Center and in Dr. Samet's Insights. We offer a sampling of Dr. Samet's articles below that pertain to women's health issues in particular. We also have a great selection of homeopathy for women's health books that can be purchased for further study!

Would you like to know more? Dr. Lisa Samet writes regular articles on homeopathy for Washington Homeopathic Products and has a wonderful series of articles on women's health topics.  Here is a helpful list:

Are you Pregnant and Feeling Green in the Morning? Homeopathy Can Help.
A Few More Helpful Tips for Morning Sickness
Menopause and Homeopathy... Helpful Support
Do You or Someone You Know Suffer with Painful Periods? Homeopathy Can Really Help!
The Miracle of Birth and the After-pains that Follow

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