WHP Honored by Governor Joe Manchin for Exports

Homeopathy Firm Honored For Export

Washington Homeopathic Products was one of 45 businesses commended by Governor Joe Manchin, West Virginia Esport Council and U. S. Department of Commerce for exporting their products to more than 70 countries across the globe.

West Virginia exports totales $3.1 billion last year. Our exporters are a source of pride for West Virginians, and they contribute 12,000 jobs to our economy," Manchin said.

>Washington Homeopathic Products was recognized for exporting products to Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nigeria, Portugal, Thailand, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Grenada, Latvia, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Bangladesh and Morocco.

Berkeley County firms recognized were The Equipment Lock Co. of Hedgesville which exports to Switzerland, Bermuda and Bahrain; Power Sonix Inc. of Martinsburg which exports to Taiwan, Russia, Indonesia and United Kingdom; and Vita Specialty Foods of Inwood which exports to Barbados, Curacao, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Columbia, Bahrain and Dominican Republic.