WHP Green & Solar-Powered

Washington Homeopathic Products converted to solar power in 2014, becoming the first homeopathic manufacturing company in the world to be solar-powered! Very exciting for our little family-run company located in the hills of West Virginia!

We began the conversion in November of 2014 and by the end of that year we were thrilled to already be up and running! We now have 180 Solar Modules installed on the roof of our facility generating approximately 59,051 kWh annually!


In 2013 our owners, Joe & Linda Lillard began exploring the possibility of “going solar!” They were interested in solar power because of their strong belief in renewable energy sources for the future of our planet. They also liked that conversion to solar would make us more energy efficient. After doing their research, they decided to partner with Mountain View Solar, a local solar company, to complete the project. We were also pleased to receive a tax credit and a grant that was available through the USDA (through the Rural Energy for America [REAP] Program) and a solar loan through the Natural Capital Investment Fund.

According to 2016 kWh data, we are now 80% solar-powered! 

Our owner, Linda Lillard, also drives an electric car! She is able to charge her Chevrolet Volt at our solar charging station connected to our facility while she is at work. A 4-hour charge allows her to drive 30-40 miles without gas. If you come by the facility for a tour, feel free to charge your electric vehicle as well!

We were featured in July 2018 in Solar United Neighbors! !

What else makes WHP a “planet-friendly” company?

  • We are proud to partner with a local farm in Berkeley Springs, WV, to obtain the Calendula flowers needed to manufacture the source material for all of our many Calendula products. Partnering with local farms makes sense for the planet because it eliminates the energy wasted on transporting plant materials from far away places. It also supports our rural farming community and the local economy!
  • We choose to use glass vials for all of our single remedies. Glass does not release toxic emissions into the air when manufactured as plastic does. Glass is also 100% recyclable and can be recycled over and over again without any degradation in quality. What's more, we actually manufacture all of our single remedies in glass and not plastic.  Research suggests that remedies made in glass contain more robust medicinal nanoparticles than remedies made in plastic containers.  Many of our customers also prefer the quality of homeopathic medicine stored in glass versus plastic bottles.
  • At our facility employees are encouraged to use the recycling receptacles located in the break room. We also routinely recycle obsolete marketing materials and packaging whenever possible.
  • In 2016 we began an electronic documentation system that saves approximately 100 sheets of paper daily.
  • In 2017 we converted over to GMO-free alcohol used in the manufacture of our products. We are very excited about this superb initiative for our company!
  • We also exploring the possibility of using wild-crafted and sustainably harvested plants for our products and hope to identify source materials from our local area in the near future!


Thank you for choosing Washington Homeopathic Products - We are your partner in “green” medicine!