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Homeopathy for Children

As parents ourselves at Washington Homeopathic Products, we understand that you desire to know as much as you can about all products you use with your children.   

To help you with your questions about homeopathy, we have included a few of your most frequently asked questions here and more information can be found throughout The Learning Center, in Dr. Samet's Insights and we have a great selection of books that can be purchased for further study.

Frequently Asked Questions on Using Homeopathy with Children

Why should my family try homeopathy? Homeopathy is used by tens of thousands of physicians and more than 500 million people worldwide for a wide range of ailments. In countries like France, 95% of all pediatricians use homeopathic remedies with their patients.  The system is popular because it's natural, it’s safe (a safety record unparalleled in the history of medicine), it works, it's non-habit forming and it's comprehensive with no side effects.  You may use it with the very youngest and oldest in your family with complete peace of mind.  It's a great option for family use because it's easily adaptable for self-care.

Is it safe and are there any side effects? Homeopathic medicine when used as directed is generally recognized as safe for babies, children, pregnant women and adults. However, if you are pregnant or nursing, we do recommend that you consult with a licensed practitioner first.

Are all homeopathic remedies safe for children or must they be labeled specifically for children? Although some homeopathic products are marketed for children, homeopathic remedies are all the same whether marketed for adults or children and thus they can all be used safely with children. However, it is always wise to consult with your licensed practitioner or reference book regarding potency and dosage information.

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