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BERKELEY SPRINGS, WV ---- Whether it's a colorful five-pack of ointments for common ailments like diaper rash and swelling, or a selection of pills for stomach disorders, sinus and sleeplessness, the WHP Be gone™ line from Washington Homeopathic Products (WHP) puts a new 21st century face on the popular 18th century medicine.  Hundreds of attendees at the Natural Products Expo West where WHP Be gone™ was recently launched agreed.   "They loved the new packaging,” said WHP President and owner, Joe Lillard.

Homeopathic remedies are well known for being safe, effective and affordable.  The self-explanatory WHP Be gone™ line adds easy to that formula.   "All of these remedies are made the same way they've been for more than a century," said Lillard.  "We wanted to make them easier for people to use for commonplace symptoms. We were thinking of busy mothers and young adults when we designed the products." 

The ease of selection is obvious in the labeling.  WHP Be gone™ Motion Sickness addresses the common symptoms of travel sickness including dizziness, nausea and vomiting while WHP Be gone™ Smoking is the choice to aid smoking cessation, ease cravings and restore balance.  No longer will shop clerks or other non-practitioners need to worry about crossing the line in helping customers.  WHP Be gone™ labels like Sinus Congestion, Stomach Disorders and Headache are self-explanatory.  

One of the most popular selling points for homeopathic remedies is also part of the new branding; "no side effects" is splashed in bright yellow on every box and bottle.

WHP has eye-catching marketing plans to target non-traditional outlets for Be gone™.  Atasia Spa in Berkeley Springs, WV was the brand’s first customer buying several WHP Be gone™ ointments.   Arnica-based Bruises and Bumps ointment is targeted for gyms and fitness centers.  "Our 90-second video for Bruises and Bumps features professional wrestlers from Covey Pro,” said Lillard.  "After we filmed the commercial, they used the product and raved about how it relieved their pain from a tough match.”  WHP learned alternative placement through major success with its Rusto-Lotion for poison ivy.  "Telephone and gas linemen become ardent fans almost immediately,” said Lillard citing corporate customers like Oklahoma Natural Gas.  "Now it’s WHP Be gone™ Scratch and Itch. With its easy-to-use spray applicator and reality-show video commercial, we expect even more success with gardeners, hunters and hikers.”

The initial WHP Be gone™ launch at the recent Expo featured five ointments, five combination remedies and Poison Ivy pills.   No other ointments are planned but within the next two years it is anticipated that all 24 of WHP’s popular combination remedies will be branded Be gone™. Remaining under the WHP brand are hundreds of classic single remedies used primarily by individuals and various practitioners. 

Washington Homeopathic Products has additional best selling products including kits of  the 50 most common single remedies and travel-size blister packs that contain 12 doses of a remedy.

As with all WHP’s products, the new WHP Be gone™ line is manufactured to rigid standards regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and in strict accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS.)

Washington Homeopathic Products is the nation’s oldest full line manufacturer of homeopathic medicine.  It originated as a storefront pharmacy in Washington, D.C. in 1873.  More than a century later, the family-owned enterprise was purchased by Joe and Linda Lillard and moved to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, a small town with a long history of healing.   Growing the company from five employees and an annual gross income of $150,000 to an award-winning multi-million dollar manufacturer with more than 30 employees and global sales, earned Joe Lillard the title of West Virginia Small Business Person of the Year for 2009.  The business continues to grow as a result of web-based sales, superior product quality, and dependable customer service.  It has an export list of dozens of countries from Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Africa to Sri Lanka, Romania and Wales.

WHP Be gone™  is not WHP’s first innovation.  In addition to pioneering web-based sales in homeopathy as well as major private labeling activities, WHP introduced other packaging including its popular blister packs for small amounts of a combination product.

The launch of WHP Be gone™ is designed to anchor WHP’s success for the next generation and open more markets in the United States.   Currently homeopathy claims more than 30% of all drug sales in Europe compared to less than 5% in the U.S. With current economic conditions related to health care, producing an effective medicine often with a retail price less than the average co-pay for a doctor’s office visit seems to offer WHP significant growth potential.

"It’s more than just WHP’s growth,” said Lillard of his push for expanding use of his company’s product.  "If homeopathy were fully utilized in this country, the collective health bill could realize as much as a 25% decrease.  That should make everyone happy.”

Homeopathy is by its nature a "green” product.   None of the ingredients or processes used in the manufacture of homeopathic medicines produce polluting or dangerous wastes.  It is an efficient manufacturing process requiring minimal natural resources.  "We are already producing a medicine that should appeal to 21st century sensibilities,” said Lillard, "the WHP Be gone™ branding just makes that appeal more obvious.” 

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