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Customer Testimonials

"I have worked with Washington Homeopathic Products since the early '90s. The leadership of Joe and Linda Lillard and their family and staff have made me and all the people I've sent over the years feel like family, too. You are treated with respect and courtesy. My husband (also an MD) and I also personally toured the WHP manufacturing facility and were even more impressed after seeing their operation and their farms. I ask you to spread the word about WHP and homeopathy. -- Molly, Maine

"I love the confidence I have in treating my family thanks to all the products offered by Washington Homeopathic Products!!" -- Hannah, Colorado

"I love that I can find great advice and reasonable prices in one place!!! So many companies only do one or the other!! I also love that you offer custom quantity and potency!" -- Ashley, Arizona

"I absolutely LOVE Washington Homeopathic Products! I had ordered from several other sources before finding WHP and not one compared to the quick turn-around of WHP! I also intensely appreciate the LOVE they've shown me recently when they lowered their shipping charges! You kind folks have no idea what a blessing that is! Sincere thanks! I am always referring people to your site for their homeopathic needs! WHP products and service is amazing - Did I say thank you? Because true thanks are in order - you guys do a marvelous job!" -- Juvanna, Georgia 

"My family and I have ordered remedies from Washington Homeopathic Products for the last 12 years and love the company! We love you for the quality of your products and for your friendly customer service. We also love your new website and the section on homeopathy for the family, written by Dr. Lisa Samet. Thank you WHP!!!" -- Peter, Connecticut

"OH i love how WHP always has a customer service representative to help me with an order or if I have a question! They are very knowledgeable and helpful." -- Tiffany, Ohio

"Love Washington Homeopathy. So many choices of dilutions and sizes and amounts. Beyond that the customer service REALLY is service. Such great help." -- Karen, Georgia

"I love not only the products, but all the excellent content you provide here & on your website to help lead a more healthful life. Cheers! I tell people all the time about your company!" -- Nancy, Georgia

"I've been using homeopathic remedies from WHP for decades to keep my family well and healing injuries that may come up. The remedies and info have never let me down." -- Debbie, Alabama

"I love that your products are extremely reasonably priced and that i can treat my family with a safe, effective, natural and time tested medicine!!! I am also enjoying having the Be gone blends which make things a lot easier! Thank you for your commitment to make homeopathy affordable and available to the public!" -- Tiffany, Texas

"I've used homeopathy for over 20 years. My pets and I both depend on WHP. I like and use the remedy search tool on your website. I live in western Maryland." -- Mary, Maryland

"I have ordered excellent kits and other useful remedies over the years from Washington Homeopathic; please hang on till the world wakes up to homeopathy!" -- Teresa, Virgina

"My household loves Washington Homeopathic Products!" -- Donnis, West Virginia

"I have been using WHP since 2012 when my Homeopath introduced me to the Top 100 kit. I have my own little arsenal of health right in my cabinet to treat myself, family, and pets. WHP has saved me many times in those overnight hours when fevers spike, coughs interrupt sleep, pain is at it's worst, and many other ailments.  I also love the ease of being able to purchase kit refills, single remedies, and the options for tinctures. Very user friendly! Thank you WHP!" -- Alesia, Minnesota

"My Homeopathic Dr highly recommended Washington Homeopathic Products. I remember your store on Del Ray Ave. in Bethesda Maryland. I would stroll through your store with my children while waiting for our remedies to be filled. I was sorry to see you close that store but glad I can order online. Now instead of personally strolling through your store I stroll through your web site :) Thank you for continuing to keep my family happy and healthy. We love you all!" -- Christine, Maryland

"I love the Top 100 and 200C kit from WHP. The products arrive very quickly, are well labeled and the pamphlet they enclose for usage is priceless. Who knew that when I ordered them I would be needing them within 2 weeks time. As an RN, I wish I had known more about homeopathy when my children were growing up. But, better late than never." -- Susan, California

"I love getting to choose the size and potency! As an overseas worker I love how the kit's container keeps everything secure so I'm not worried about bottles spilling out when I travel. I've had friends try other products and they always complain about loose bottles and not being sure how to transport them. I always bring out my WHP kit and they immediately say "that's exactly what I need!" -- Jenifer, Tennessee 

"I love love love Washington Homeopathic Products  -- Brenda, North Carolina

"I love having a safe effective treatment for all members in my household whether pregnant, child, adult, elderly, even pets and farm animals. I have the utmost confidence in your homeopathics." -- Laura, Ohio

"I am new to homeopathy and I love all the choices your company offers - a wide range of remedies and a great assortment of sizes for bills and bottles. I also like that your remedies come in glass." -- Debra, Missouri 

"OH I love your company because it brings the most important medicine in the world to our hands to cure our illnesses in the safest way!" -- Karen, Ohio

"Absolutely love my homeopathic remedy kit and WHP products! They are life savers! I feel so safe giving them to anyone, and love being my own doctor. All natural and safe!! My daughter is one and has never complained or fussed once about cutting teeth/teething and she has 11 teeth now! Thanks to her "healthy ball balls" (what we call them)!! Thanks WHP, You're the best!" -- Kayla, Ohio

"I love how WHP offers SO many choices, and the prices are so affordable. I also love how the remedies come in glass vials. One last thing - LOVE that you're in West Virgina, where I'm from <3" -- Alana, Texas

"I love all of the information provided on the website and the recommended uses for the remedies!! Also, the variety of the sizes for the pellets! My mom likes the larger ones as they are easier to handle and I prefer the other 2 sizes for myself and children! :)" -- Becky, Iowa

"I love your easy to use website! It is THE BEST aid in shopping. No other company gives the details you give in getting information on remedies! Thank you for pouring into your client base in that way!" -- Sheri, Oklahoma 

"To homeopathy, Joe Lillard and Washington Homeopathic Products. The best approach to health, from the best, and of the best. We are so blessed to have WHP so close and available." -- Bailey, West Virginia

"I love that our doctor wholeheartedly supports your products! Thank you for producing such high quality remedies... our family has seen so much relief as a result of your hard work and commitment to excellence. Keep up the great work!" -- Cristina, Pennsylvania