Homeopathy for Pain

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Ron Whitmont, MD
Tina Quirk, RN, MS, CCH
Peter Gold, BS
Paola Brown, Pres. of Americans for Homeopathy Choice


Homeopathy is a holistic modality that effectively addresses many of the underlying causes responsible for ongoing pain, often enabling the resolution of acute and chronic pain syndromes. 

Managing pain in a holistic manner is associated with the opportunity to resolve these states, rather than simply suppressing them with addictive pain medicines, which is so often the modus operandi of most conventional management strategies.1

Opioid Addiction

Homeopathy has tremendous potential to help with one of our nation’s largest healthcare crises – opioid addiction. Not only are there many homeopathic medicines that address pain effectively, but it also helps those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol to successfully and safely detox while remaining sober.2

One formal research study and two observational studies completed in Boston, MA indicated the benefits of the homeopathic medicine Nux vomica in the treatment of post-acute withdrawal syndrome.3 The completion rate in these two projects was twice as high in the homeopathic treatment group compared with the conventional group (66% versus 33% in the first, and 63% versus 37% in the second). No adverse events were reported in either of these cohorts. 

The third study looked at a 28-day inpatient treatment program over the course of one year. The majority (77%) of those clients who used homeopathy completed the program successfully

compared with 53% who did not. No adverse events were reported in the homeopathic treatment group, but those who did not use homeopathy were more likely to leave against medical advice, or be involuntarily discharged due to violent and unruly behavior.

The homeopathic medicine Nux vomica is an effective treatment option for hangovers and other symptoms associated with drug induced liver toxicity. Its affinity for the neurological as well as hepatic systems have been well documented and animal studies demonstrate that it reduces alcohol cravings.4 

Homeopathy for Pain Management

Pain management is considered “the leading edge” of CAM modalities with respect to integration into conventional health care in the US.5,6 Several textbooks detail the homeopathic treatment of pain syndromes.7,8,

A large-scale study in France demonstrated 50% reduced use of NSAIDs and significantly less use of opioids when homeopathic medicines were prescribed by conventional trained primary care physicians. Long term results, measured by pain reduction and quality of life were significantly improved with the use of homeopathy.9 Results suggest that homeopathic medicines act faster than conventional pain medications while reducing the need for them, 10,11 without any of the associated dangers of dependence or withdrawal effects.12 Homeopathy is superior to placebo in reducing pain in many medical conditions including endometriosis,13 joint pain and stiffness,14 and hemorrhoids.15

Homeopathic Medicines for Specific Pain Conditions

Post-Surgery/Post-Dental Extraction Pain Management

The use of Arnica pre- and post-operatively reduces bruising, swelling, soreness and pain.16,17 Other homeopathic medicines are useful in the augmentation of wound healing, reduced scarring, prevention of infection and palliation of nerve pain.18,19

Homeopathic treatment is effective in a wide range of clinical scenarios including toothache, burning mouth syndrome and trigeminal neuralgia.20 The homeopathic medicine Hypericum perforatum demonstrates particular affinity and benefit with respect to nerve pain.21

Symphytum officinale reduces pain and swelling after placement of dental implants when usedalongside conventional pain medications.22

Homeopathic treatment was found to be successful in helping 58% of patients avoid a root canal, tooth extraction or pulp capping procedure in a small study employing the injection of the homeopathic medicine Pulpa dentis.23


Homeopathy speeds bone healing while reducing the need for analgesics.24

Labor pain

The homeopathic medicine Caulophyllum thalictroides reduces labor pain without any side effects in either mother or infant.25,26

Trigeminal neuralgia

In a four month study of the homeopathic treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, known as the “suicide disease”, significant reductions of pain (60%) were achieved.27

Back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders

A year-long study performed in France compared patients with a variety of musculoskeletal

disorders, including osteoarthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, tendinitis, rotary cuff syndrome, ankylosing spondylitis, intervertebral disc disorders, neck pain, torticollis, and spinal stenosis. The homeopathic treated patients used 25% fewer narcotics and half as many NSAIDs as the conventionally treated group. There were fewer adverse events in the homeopathic treatment group, but no differences in specific functional scores or loss of therapeutic opportunity. Patients in the homeopathic cohort tended to have more longstanding chronic conditions before treatment.28

A two-year multicenter study performed in Germany with patients receiving individualized

professional homeopathic treatment for chronic low back pain revealed that disease severity was significantly reduced as was the utilization of conventional treatments and health services. Quality of life in the homeopathic treatment group improved significantly, both in physical and mental component scales.29

Studies in Europe demonstrate homeopathy provides superior relief from back pain when compared with placebo, and generates fewer adverse events.30,31,32


In summary, homeopathy holds tremendous potential in the treatment of pain related conditions and in the management of opioid dependence. Further research in both these clinical areas is certainly warranted. Public health benefits gained from utilizing homeopathy include superior efficacy, lower cost, greater safety and higher patient satisfaction.

About the Author

Burke Lennihan, RN, CCH has worked in holistic health care since graduating from Harvard University in 1974. She co-founded the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy and subsequently directed Teleosis School of Homeopathy. Lennihan co-authored Cough Cures with distinguished pulmonologist Gustavo Ferrer, MD and co-authored a book on holistic animal care with Margo Roman, DVM, while her own Your Natural Medicine Cabinet educates the public about home care with homeopathy. She has edited several standard reference works in homeopathy including Yasgur's Dictionary and Hahnemann Revisited, a textbook for professionals.

 *The information in this article is intended for informational purposes only. Please remember, if you have any of the conditions mentioned in this article, it is advisable to seek the advice of a licensed practitioner for treatment options.


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