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FDA Compliance

FDA Compliance - March 2011
WHP has gone through an extensive process as a result of a warning letter issued by the FDA in August 2009. The processes and procedures we have put in place have met the conditions required by the FDA.
Even though we have always felt our products were of the highest quality, we are happy with this achievement.
The letter reads:
"Dear Mr. Lillard:
The Food and Drug Administration has completed an evaluation of your firm's corrective actions in response to our Warning Letter dated August 25, 2009 and the most recent inspection conducted May 19, 2010 at your firm located at 260 JR Hawvermale Way, Berkeley Springs, WV. Based on the evaluation of your numerous responses and the May 2010 inspection, it appears that you have addressed the violations contained in the August 2009 Warning Letter. Future FDA inspections and regulatory activities wlll further assess the adequacy and sustainabllity of these corrections."


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