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A Few More Helpful Remedy Tips for Morning Sickness…

A Few More Helpful Remedy Tips for Morning Sickness…

Posted by Dr. Lisa Samet N.D. on May 6th 2020

The millennial generation – those born between 1982 and 1994 – is the largest generation in human history. And they are rapidly entering their child-bearing years.

With that in mind – I thought it would be useful to add a few more remedies to the list to consider when one is feeling green with morning sickness.

Let’s start by looking back at a previous post on this topic. In that article, I talked about the following homeopathic remedies as potentially useful to a woman struggling with nausea and vomiting:

Cocculus indicus



Nux vomica





See original post for details on the indications for their use.

Let’s look a few more homeopathic remedies worthy of consideration.

Arsenicum album: This homeopathic remedy may be called for if morning sickness is accompanied by the following symptoms: Weakness and exhaustion. The mom- to-be is very pale – the skin a pasty white color. There is often bitterness in the mouth, particularly after eating or drinking – and there can even be a sensation as though a stone in the stomach. Cold water seems to lie in the stomach as though it is not being absorbed – and though she wants water – she cannot drink it. There is often vomiting of fluids as soon as she takes them. And nightly vomiting is common.

Bryonia: This homeopathic remedy may be called for if morning sickness is accompanied by the following symptoms: Nausea on waking in the morning. This mom’s nausea is usually relieved by keeping quiet – so she desires to keep perfectly still. She typically has dry parched lips and mouth and can suffer with splitting headaches. There is vomiting of food immediately after eating. Constipation with hard, burnt like stools is also common.

Hepar sulphuris calcareum: This homeopathic remedy may be called for if morning sickness is accompanied by the following symptoms: Itching rash in the bend of the arms and/or under the knee. Frequent and momentary attacks of nausea. Vomiting every morning. Inclination to vomit with flow of saliva from the mouth. There is often a constant sense of water rising in the throat as if she had eaten sour things.

Kali carbonicum: The mom-to-be needing this homeopathic remedy is often very sleepy during a meal with a strong desire to sleep. She can have nausea as if she would faint, relieved by lying down. Vomiting is accompanied with a swoon-like failing of strength. There can also be cramping pains of a stitching character in the abdomen.

Magnesia carbonica: This homeopathic remedy may be called for if morning sickness is accompanied by the following symptoms: Much sour taste and sour vomiting. For this mom-to-be, all her symptoms are aggravated every third week. There is much roughness, stinging or burning in the throat with a desire to vomit. She can also have much nausea without the impulse to vomit.

Silicea: The mom-to-be needing this homeopathic remedy is hungry but cannot get the food down she is so nauseous. There is often a very prolonged after-taste of food. The nausea seems to come on after any exertion that raises the temperature of the body. This remedy is another one to look at when constipation is also a significant issue – the stool receding after partial protrusion.

Sulphur: This homeopathic remedy may be called for if morning sickness is accompanied by the following symptoms: Profuse salivation (sometimes called waterbrash), the taste of which causes nausea and spells of vomiting. All the troubles seem to be caused by the nauseating salivation. This mom-to-be will often complain of flushes of heat, with heat felt particularly on the top of the head. Sleep is often disturbed by very frequent waking.

Why so many remedies to consider? Remember – homeopathy is a personalized form of medicine. For a remedy to be effective – one must match the characteristic symptoms of the patient to the characteristic symptoms of the remedy.

What can we expect from homeopathy in these instances? As you know with homeopathy, the remedy is a trigger for the body to address the cause of the issue and in this case, “the cause” is not going away for about 40 weeks. So, the remedy encourages the body to manage better (react less to) the dramatic increase in hormones in the first weeks of pregnancy. By week 13, when the placenta takes over the manufacture of pregnancy hormones, nausea often disappears for most women. In practice I have seen nausea completely disappear with a well-prescribed remedy, although it might have to be repeated numerous times over the following weeks. In the worst case, the remedy doesn’t eliminate the nausea completely, but takes the edge off enough for it to be more manageable.

Dose with either a 30C or 200C potency to start - placing one pellet under the tongue or one pellet in water, stirring vigorously and taking teaspoon doses as needed. Always cease dosing when relief begins and only redose if symptoms again worsen. Homeopathic preparations are typically very diluted and therefore considered safe for both baby and mother; however, it is best to consult with your physician when taking any medicines during pregnancy.

A final bit of advice… it is always advisable to discuss the use of any medicine, including homeopathy, during pregnancy or when nursing, with your licensed practitioner. And, as with any medical condition, consult with your physician if you have any concerns about the severity of a medical problem as it may first require medical diagnosis and/or intervention and monitoring.

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