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  • Allergy Eye Relief
    Allergy Eye Relief $12.99 Add To Cart
    Relieves symptoms of allergies such as burning and itching of the eyes. Give your eyes soothing relief from irritating allergens such as pet dander, mold spores, and more with Allergy Eye Relief sterile eye drops. Allergy...
  • Spongatos Cough Syrup
    Spongatos Cough Syrup $10.49 Add To Cart
    A natural cough syrup for the symptomatic relief of coughs due to colds and minor croup.   A non-drowsy, pleasant tasting formula that does not interact with any other medications - Washington Homeopathic Products...
  • Be gone™ Poison Ivy 1oz
    Be gone™ Poison Ivy 1oz $9.99 Add To Cart
    Few things are as maddening as the itching blisters caused by Poison Ivy!  Be gone™ Poison Ivy is an effective, all-natural solution.   In fact, Dr. Edward Shalts, physician, homeopath, and author of...
  • Be gone™ Scratch-N-Itch Lotion 2oz
    Be gone™ Scratch-N-Itch Lotion 2oz $8.99 Add To Cart
    Natural Relief from itchy skin. Dries the exudation, and allays the itching from poison ivy & oak. Also great for athlete’s foot, itching skin, bites and stings from mosquitos and other insects. Homeopathic...
  • New label
    Odor Off $3.99 Choose Options Choose Options
    Now available in 2 ounce size -- ideal for travel! Eliminates odors from bathrooms, kitchens, carpets, litter boxes, pet bedding, shoes and socks. 8 fl oz with spray pump. Odor Off is a very unusual product. It is made in...