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Seven Remedies to Consider for Your Colicky Little One…

Seven Remedies to Consider for Your Colicky Little One…

Posted by Dr. Lisa Samet N.D. on Jan 12th 2015

If you've ever raised or are raising a colicky baby - you understand what an ordeal that is for the child and the parents. Exhausting is one word that comes to mind. Exasperating is another. Though colic is as old as mankind, in 1954, Dr. Morris Wessel, a well-known New Haven, Connecticut pediatrician, defined an infant with colic as "one who, otherwise healthy and well-fed, had paroxysms of irritability, fussing, or crying lasting for a total of three hours a day and occurring on more than three days in any one week for a period of three weeks."

Incredibly - some babies with colic are actually given powerful drugs that doctors often prescribe for adults with chronic digestive issues. Does that sound like a good idea to you?

Well - homeopathy can help. The correct homeopathic remedy will relieve the child quickly, and permanently, in a safe, effective and GENTLE fashion.

The key to getting a great outcome with homeopathy is matching the characteristic symptoms of the patient to those of the remedy. Characteristic symptoms are often the ones that are particularly intense or peculiar - not common. Be a good detective and you can often do much for your colicky little one and for yourself.

There are a large number of remedies that can relieve a child with colic. Here are a few to consider:

Chamomilla: Child is very irritable and fretful. Must be carried. Distress after nursing. Sleepless. When they do sleep they start and jerk the limbs. Very thirsty and capricious.

Colocynth: The child writhes in every possible direction, doubles itself up and seems in great distress. It cries very hard.

Ipecacuanha: There is much sickness of the stomach. The more constant the nausea, the more certainty Ipecac is the remedy.

Magnesia carb: Much colic, which is finally relieved by a green, liquid stool. This occurs many times day and night.

Nux vomica: Much colic with constipation. The child cries much, draws its feet up and kicks them out again, or arches backward. May be indicated if mother eats lots of spicy and stimulating food.

Podophyllum: An attack of colic at daylight every morning. Severe colic, causing an absolute retraction of abdominal muscles.

Stannum: The child's colic is relieved by pressing firmly upon its abdomen. When it is crying with colic, relief is at once obtained by carrying it with its abdomen resting on the point of the mother's shoulder.

About Dr. Samet:

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