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Posted by Dr. Lisa Samet on Jan 24th 2017

As a homeopathic specialist, I often get the question – “is there any research showing that homeopathy works?”

For a system of medicine that has been used successfully by many hundreds of millions of people across the globe for over 200 years – that could seem like an odd question. After all, why would 500 million people currently use a medical system (including the tens of thousands of homeopaths and physicians) if it brought no relief from suffering?

Here are the exciting facts...

Homeopaths in the early years of homeopathy were among thefirstphysicians in the history of medicine to conduct experiments with patient populations to test the efficacy of their drugs.

Since that time, thousands of scientific studies have been conducted.

In fact, research papers covering basic science studies (looking at the physical and chemical properties of remedies), pre-clinical studies (looking at the effect of homeopathic remedies on plants and animals), and clinical studies (looking at the effects of homeopathic remedies on humans) have been published in a wide range of scientific and medical journals – most with positive results for homeopathy.

Dr. Iris Bell M.D., Ph.D. (University of Arizona College of Medicine), an internationally renowned medical researcher, has just compiled the most comprehensive list of research papers on homeopathy ever assembled (over 6,000), and made it available to members of the homeopathic community. Washington Homeopathic Products is now making it available to you.

Interested to know even more about how homeopathic remedies work? Dr. Bell explains in this new and exceptional in-depth video presentation:

So next time you get asked – “is there any research showing that homeopathy works?” - answer enthusiastically “you betcha!”

To view the list in its entirety, click here:

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