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Twelve Homeopathic Remedies for Kids of All Ages

Twelve Homeopathic Remedies for Kids of All Ages

Posted by Dr. Lisa Samet on May 17th 2017

Washington Homeopathic Products is now offering a line of homeopathic remedies frequently called for when caring for children. The symptom indications to consider when selecting the remedy your child may need are found below. As with any medical condition, consult with your physician if you have any concerns about the severity of the problem as it may first require medical diagnosis and/or intervention and monitoring.

Aconitum napellus: Has your child suddenly developed a fever or fallen ill after exposure to cold, dry air – or from an upsetting fright? Aconite may be what your child requires at the first sign of a cold. Children needing this remedy will typically have a high fever that comes on suddenly, frequently at night, be thirsty for cold drinks and appear both anxious and restless.

Apis mellifica: This remedy is made from a honey bee. One should consider this remedy for a child who has localized areas of swelling and redness – perhaps from hives, a bug bite or bee sting. The child will complain of burning and stinging pains and will be worse from heat, after sleep, and from touch (very sensitive to touch) and better from cold applications.

Arnica: Even if you know very little about homeopathy, you’ve probably heard of this homeopathic remedy. It is perhaps the best known of all the remedies. Arnica is the first remedy to reach for when your child suffers a fall or a blow to soft tissue – like muscle – anywhere on the body and suffers bruising or bumps as a result. It is also one commonly used after overexertion for sore muscles.

Arsenicum album: Does your child seem to be markedly worse from midnight to 2:00 AM, regardless of the ailment? If you find they are, then Arsenicum album is a remedy you should consider. In cases of diarrhea, hay fever, and vomiting, a child needing this remedy will tend to be anxious and restless and will tend to be thirsty, chillier than usual, and much better from warmth and warm drinks.

Cantharis: Has your child suffered a burn that has formed a painful blister? Cantharis is a wonderful remedy for relieving both the pain and blistering of minor burns and sunburns. It is also useful in situations of pain where the sensation is one of burning.

Chamomilla: No parent should be without this homeopathic remedy! It’s a remedy that’s helpful with children that have become overly sensitive to pain and are irritable, restless, impossible to please - and inconsolable as a result of it. A child needing this remedy is cranky in the extreme and cannot be quieted unless they are carried in a parent’s arms. Often useful in cases of painful colic, sleeplessness, and other problems producing this characteristic temperament.

Euphrasia: This homeopathic remedy is one to consider when your child has a cold or hay fever that “settles” in the eyes. The eyes appear swollen, itchy and very watery and will often be sensitive to light. It is also indicated for eye pain and irritation. If there is a discharge from the nose, it will be bland.

Hypericum: This homeopathic remedy is wonderful in first aid cases where a child has caught their fingers in a door, smashed a toe with a heavy object, or fallen hard on their tailbone. The pain experienced will be sharp and shooting. It is also a great remedy to consider if your child suffers a minor puncture wound.

Ledum: This homeopathic remedy is another good one to consider in certain first aid situations. If, for instance, your child should suffer a bruise that does not fully yield to Arnica – Ledum will frequently finish the healing process and clear up lingering discoloration. It can also be useful in cases involving a blow to the eye resulting in pain and a black eye. The discomfort of insect bites or minor puncture wounds will often be remedied by a dose or two of Ledum as well. In all cases, the injured part will feel cold to the touch and will also feel better from cold applications.

Nux vomica: This remedy is useful in cases of constipation, headache, nausea, and vomiting. A parent should consider this remedy when a sick child is irritable and cranky, has cold hands and feet and generally seems chillier than usual, despite seeming to have more heat in the head/face. They will also feel worse in the open air than they do when warm and cozy inside the house.

Pulsatilla: A sick child needing Pulsatilla is fairly easy to spot. They tend to be quite weepy, whiny and clingy and feel relief when carried and reassured constantly. They are uncomfortable in a warm room, feel much better in cool open air, and will likely be disinterested in drinking (as compared to their normal state). When a child has these characteristics and is suffering from earache or sinus congestion, Pulsatilla may be indicated.

Rhus tox: This wonderful homeopathic remedy is an absolute must-have if members of your family are sensitive to poison ivy or poison oak. At the first sign of an itchy rash, this remedy should be administered to your child - with repeat doses given periodically should the itching persist. It is useful for other skin conditions such as hives and may also be helpful with muscle strains. The child tends to be restless.

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