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Kits & Refils homeopathic remedy kit
WHP's kits are designed to provide you with a selection of our most used remedies. iin convenient 50 and 100 remedy kits.
Combination Remedies
Remedies for those times when you need a quick solution to your ailments.
Single Remedies
WHP offers a full line of homeopathic remedies. Made of the highest quality, hand succussed to 200C.
Safe and effective medicine for babies and children of all ages.
Safe, natural remedies for animals of all sizes.
Bach Flower Essences
The original Bach Flower Essences is a system of 38 Flower Essences that are safe and natural.
Ointments, Creams, Gels
Applied to the skin, these products offer quick relief.
Books, etc.
This is a well-chosen selection of books that let you do effective research into ailments.
Apparel, etc.
Spread the word, and look great doing it!
Travel Trauma?
Try our Motion Sickness Combination. For traveling sickness from any cause. Characterized by dizziness, intense nausea, vomiting.
Stop Smoking
Aids the body in regaining healthy balance during the smoking cessation process.
Poison Ivy
Got the Itch?
Don't leave home without the tried and true remedy for Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac.