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Be gone Warts & Tired Feet Ointment

Be gone Warts & Tired Feet Ointment
Our Price: $10.79

2 oz.

Be gone™ Warts & Tired Feet

Rejuvenates and Revitalizes

Thuja occ., recognized for its external use in promoting the healing of skin conditions such as warts, calluses, and corns, is the principle ingredient in Be gone™ Warts & Tired Feet. Thuja occ. has been popular with customers for use as a topical cream because of its effects on revitalizing tired and sore feet along with treating various skin conditions

Be gone™ Warts & Tired Feet Ointment rejuvenates and revitalizes tired and sore feet while promoting the healing of warts, calluses and corns. The fast-acting natural relief of Be gone™ products is why customers have trusted in Washington Homeopathic Products for natural care since 1873.

2 oz ointment in a convenient squeeze tube.

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